What Can I Do To Help My Child?

Many parents have their first child with no special training. They observed the style of their own parents. As a result, many new parents leave the hospital wondering, “How could they allow us to take this defenseless baby home? Isn’t that dangerous?”

When the baby is still healthy a month later, parents tend to sigh in relief. But, the truth is infancy is only a precursor to their expanded role parents play when their children interact with the world more independently.

Once a child is ready for preschool or elementary school, the playing field changes again, especially for “complex kids”.

Children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning differences and executive function challenges are called “complex kids”. Parents usually find they need to a different parenting approach to address these challenges.

If your child has ADHD or other challenges, you’ll likely hear from preschool staff that your child does not sit at circle time, doesn’t listen or is annoying to other children (message to self: “bad parent”). Or, perhaps you’re hearing that a staff member must be with your child continuously (message to self: “bad child”).

You are asked to stop these challenging behaviors. But, truth be told, you do not know how.

Parents often feel isolated, unsure and misunderstood by family members, the school and other parents. Avant-Garde Counseling and Coaching Center believes that it’s crucial to their family for parents to educate themselves about their child’s challenges and learn new parenting strategies.


Our Approach – Parent Coaching

Our goal is to provide parents with the tools needed to move through this new world. We do this with a program called Sanity School.

Sanity School

Sanity School for Parents is a 6 module course that teaches proven methods for turning the chaos of parenting a complex kid into calm and confidence.

In it, you will…

  • Learn valuable tools & techniques to tackle challenging issues with confidence!
  • Participate from the comfort of your own home, and at your own pace.
  • Have access to monthly Live Parenting Lifeline Q & A calls with a coach.
  • Join a members-only community to confidentially connect with other parents.
  • Receive our weekly ‘Sanity School Scoop!’ with links to new articles and tips.
  • Get results from using the Coach-Approach to Parenting ADHD and other issues.

Next Sanity School Begins January 25, 2018 at 6:30pm


Why Is Parent Coaching Important?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Guidelines, say that to treat ADHD in children there must be a combination of medical and behavioral approaches. Some of these approaches are treatments such as behavior therapy, behavior management or interventions.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Center for Disease Control & Prevention conducted a study of different parent trainings.  It was their conclusion that programs consistently have better outcomes when they teach skills using homework, modeling, role playing and parents practicing with their own children at home.