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Make Your ADD/ADHD Work For You

Any one of these ADD/ADHD Strategies can positively impact the lives of anyone living with ADD/ADHD. Start Small Starting small and experiencing success is vital.  Every inch of your accomplishments becomes an inch of actual emotional growth.  You're building mental...

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What Derails You From Your Goals

Are You Conscious About What You're Doing Recently I've been very interested in reading and learning about "mindfulness".   How does understanding mindfulness help you reach your goals?   I looked up the definition (just to make sure my first interpretation was...

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Coaching Is A Process

I’m always being asked, “What is ADHD coaching? Is it therapy?”  And more often than not, I find myself repeating that coaching is NOT a replacement for psychotherapy. Most psychotherapy can only move as fast as it takes for the patient to deal with the source/origin...

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Improve Your Family Relationships

 Improve Your Family Relationships Do you find yourself dealing with sibling arguments and fights? Or deciding whose turn it is to do the dishes? Trying to get the children to bed and figuring out how much allowance your kids should get? Have a Family Meeting!The...

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Engage With Others Through Curiosity

What’s behind the painting, the picture or the person? As the years go by and I coach children, adolescents, college students and adults, at times it is easy for me to jump to conclusions or assumptions on areas where I can see a clear answer before them. Then, I...

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Get Evaluated – ADHD or Not

You think you may have ADHD because you're having challenges in different areas of your life. Some of the trouble you’re experiencing appears as: your inability to keep your attention for a long period of times you have difficulty getting started your relationship is...

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