We teach 5th & 6th Graders

how to successfully handle

the challenges of middle school



Middle school: a whole new world for you and your child 

Parents understand the phenomenal social, physical, academic and emotional changes awaiting their middle schooler.  Although the thought of your child becoming a middle schooler may be scary, it’s an opportunity for them, and you, to develop self-awareness and grow.

If you’re a parent of a 5th or 6th grader with a learning difference, executive function disorder, ADHD or anxiety, middle school inspires a whole new layer of awareness and necessary preparation. 

Concerned about the possibility of your child experiencing:

  • poor grades
  • bullying
  • behavior problems
  • lack of friends
  • withdrawn
  • depression
  • social media

Your feelings are real and appropriate in today’s world.  At times, students can be cruel to each other, and not all teachers understand the unique gifts your child brings.

You only want the best for your child. They deserve to reach their potential and live a life beyond labels.

We believe every child, teenager, young adult, and adult deserves a safe place to be heard and learn new techniques and tools to be successful, in this case in middle school. This requires new tools, techniques, and understanding. 

We facilitate a peer group coaching program called My Super Adventure ™  


group coaching program

My Super Adventures ™


8-week group coaching program created for children & pre-teens entering middle school to learn new strategies.

Small Group of Their Peers

Experienced in Group Coaching

Fun & Learn Life Skills

Their Brain

Understand Their Brain

What Makes Them Unique & Others Different

Impulse Control

Techniques to Think Before Acting

Managing Emotions


Develop Working Memory



How to Change Plans

Handle Setbacks


Avoid Procrastination

Pay Attention & Complete Goals





How Much Time

Allocate & Meet Deadlines



Step Back & Be Accountable

Accept Others Feedback

We have helped hundreds of boys, girls, adolescents, and parents understand what’s happening in the brain, and using research-based, proven techniques and strategies, help families throughout the metroplex.

My Super Adventures ™

Prepare Your 5th or 6th Grader for Middle School

The school year is around the corner and summer schedules are filling up.

Don’t wait for the new school year to begin and then realize you should have done something earlier.

How could these behaviors derail a

successful transition to middle school?

Hard Time Managing Emotions

Can’t Keep Up On Assignments


Can’t Prioritize

What Do I Need To Do?

Difficulty With Friends

Rigid – Overly Structured

Easily Distracted – Stay On Task

Minimal Recall of Information

Doesn’t Accept Feedback


Emotional Outbursts

Academic Difficulties

Unable To Manage Time


1. Call Us.

2. You’ll receive a confirmation email and consent forms to complete and return.

3. Participate in a 30-minute Parent Q&A Online Discussion to review with what we’ll be teaching and how you can support your child.

We agree to:

1. Send you a reminder one-week before the program begins.

2. Create a safe and confidential place for your child to learn and practice new skills.

3. Welcome them with snacks and water.

4. Schedule a 45-minute post-training individual consultation with you, the parents, to discuss specifics and answer questions.

Special Circumstance or Question?

Are you hesitating because you have a question or a special circumstance you want to discuss?

Call Marla directly at no charge. She’ll help walk you through whatever is on your mind.

Call Laura Ramos at (801) 854-8256

Parenting isn’t easy. You want to be the best possible parent, and no parent has all the answers. Worrying and crossing your fingers hoping for the best isn’t the most effective approach. 

Help us, help your child discover the confidence and new skills to feel better about themselves, and ease the adjustment into middle school.