Every year our children have the chance to start the new school year with a fresh start.  Parents have the same opportunity – a fresh start.  How will this school year be different?  What tips and strategies will you use this school year?

For most families, schedules go out the door during the summer. There are late-night bedtimes and countless hours playing video games, watching TV, vacations, and summer camps with lots of activities. By now parents are ready for the kids to return to school and regain normalcy and structure at home.

What’s Your School Year Goal?

When your child has Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder Hyperactivity, or behavioral challenges, school time can cause you to worry.  And your children may also be scared or anxious.  Possibly last school year was not a positive experience.  Everyone is concerned about what is to come 2015-2016 school year.

Having a successful school year is everyone’s goal.

Parenting an ADD / ADHD child requires time, consistency, structure, routines, and strategies. As a parent, you already have lots of love. You’re going to need to hold on to that when you’re at your wit’s end (which is perfectly okay to feel).

Tips For Having a Successful School Year

How can you delay or even avoid getting to your wit end?

  1. Create calm and order in your home
  2. Establish appropriate rules and expectations
  3. Minimize power struggles, meltdowns, and angry outbursts over daily events
  4. Help your child learn to manage frustration
  5. Reduce homework stress for you and your child
  6. Help your child capitalize on their strengths and increase their self-esteem
  7. Gain from other parent’s experiences and support

This School Year Can Be Different

It may be time to look at new ways, the latest tools, strategies, and techniques.