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ADHD, Anxiety, Depression &

Executive Function Challenges

4 Tips to Bring More Joy & Less Stress


Set your priorities before you fill up your calendar. This helps you allow time for the things most meaningful to you.

Don’t overcommit. You’re more likely to enjoy events if you avoid the pressure of rushing from one to the next.

Give yourself a break. If you’re not in the holly-jolliest season of your life, it’s okay to lean out of all the holiday hype this year.

Keep up good habits like exercise, a healthy diet & sleep. Often these are the first things to go when things get hectic, and that’s when we need them the most.





Dulce & Ellen discuss parenting challenges and offer suggestions to improve your relationship with your ADHD child or teen.

ADHD Coaching

Take control of your academic, professional or personal life and achieve your goals.

ADHD Coaching is a collaborative supportive process.

In partnership with you, we’ll facilitate and help you identify your goals, and the systems and strategies to reach them.

ADHD Coaching Changes Lives

Executive Functions

 An individual may have executive functions challenges without having ADHD.

However, someone with ADHD will have challenges with their executive functions.

This is because the “executive” that controls behavior in the brain, and helps organize and plan is not doing the job it’s supposed to do.

Counseling Services

Anxiety and depression are illnesses to treat like any other health condition.

You’ll find our licensed counselors to be compassionate and skilled to help you discover your dreams can be realized.

Parent Training

Parents often feel isolated, unsure and misunderstood by family members, the school and other parents.

We believe parents need to educate themselves about their child’s challenges and learn new parenting strategies.

We Have Spanish Speaking Counselors and Coaches


We work with:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Families
  • Adults
  • Parents
  • Couples


Specializing in innovative, cutting-edge and research-based counseling, as well as ADHD Coaching and Parent Training for those who live with ADHD, anxiety, depression or executive function challenges.

In addition, we provide practicum and internship opportunities that support mental health professionals and ADHD coaches starting their careers.

Featured Resources

Manage Grief During The Holidays

The Avant-Garde Coaching & Counseling Team discusses a few ideas to help family and friends recognize the difficulties when someone passes. Click on the video above to hear their thoughts and ideas about:

  1. Give Permission & Acknowledge It’s Okay To Talk About Your Feelings
  2. Create New Traditions
  3. Understand Grief Looks Different For Everyone


    The Avant-Garde Coaching & Counseling Team discusses HOLIDAY STRESS in an open, Q&A discussion. Click on the image below to hear their thoughts and ideas about:

    1. Manage Expectations
    2. Be Mindful
    3. Prioritize What’s Important to You
    4. Know What You Need
    5. Learn To Say No

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