Struggling With Executive Functioning Skills?

Summertime presents challenges for anyone with ADD or ADHD. Although summertime is filled with fun, playtime and vacations and ….. there are strategies to help you have less stress or anxiety and more fun.

1. Planning

  1. Start Planning NOW  for summertime activities
  2. Use a Calendar, Planner, or White Board
  3. Create a Master List For Each Family Member To See The Big Picture For The Entire Family

2. Organizing and Structure

  1. Schedule Your Day … and Everyone Else too
  2. Your Summer Has To Be Structured
    • Wake Up and Bed Time
    • Weekly Game Nights
    • Movie Day
    • Swimming
    • And more …..

Dulce Torres, CEO of Avant-Garde Center presented for JST Coaching on this topic. Here’s her presentation for you – check it out (Summertime Presentation)