Mindset is defined as “a particular way of thinking: a person’s attitude or set of opinions about something”. One of life’s challenges is when you are”changing your mindset”. Let me give you an example.


What do you see when you look at this cavern picture?

A new perspective? An Opportunity? Grace, life, a challenge, freedom, beauty, or peace? Do you feel anxious, nervous, worry about the unknown, or are you excited and have thoughts of “I Can”?

This picture challenges you to consider another way to look at something. Is it new, changing, or unknown? It challenges your opinion about something. It challenges your mindset.

How does your mindset impact your life? Is there a habit in your life you would like to change? It will require a change of mindset to be successful.

For a habit to change, we need to think differently. You need to a new system.

Changing A Habit – Change Your System

We need to create a system to help us succeed in developing our new habits. Here are 5 simple ways to change your mindset to create the change you want in your life.

  1. Tell yourself “I can’t do this YET
  2. Commit to a process. Write down the plan (Daily routine, Schedule). Focus on practice.
  3. Give yourself permission to release the need for immediate results. Put attention to triggers. Plan how you will manage the triggers. Log your daily efforts. Look at the long term. Be Realistic.
  4. Get Feedback: Journaling
  5. Tweak and adjust your plan or process when needed. Continue to focus on what you’re doing.

Is Changing Your Habit Worth It?

What is the one habit you want to change so you can achieve your #1 goal to realize what you want different in your life? Would it be worth 20 minutes a day to figure out what you have to do differently, and then do it?

Research says that in order to create a habit, the first 21 days are of the most value. “It requires a minimum of 21 days for an old image to dissolve and a new one to form” (Phillippa Lally study “How are habits formed: Modeling habit formation in the real world”).

Emphasis on “minimum 21 days” to create a new habit

Notice the end results happening every day. When you follow your plan daily, you’ll see changes. Know if you were not able to follow the plan today, it’s okay. Get back on track immediately. Notice your positive self-talk. Missing one opportunity will not impact the habit-forming process. Being inconsistent by not following the plan will negatively impact creating the new habit.

Goals get you started with your planning and your system is how you’ll realize progress to your new habit.

Six Points To Changing Your Mindset

Here are six points to help you change your mindset and gain clarity on your new habit.

Name what you want

Name the Habit you want to change?

What’s your priority?

Is there anyone you want to talk to this about?

What are the benefits of acquiring this habit?

What challenges will you encounter?