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February 8 – March 1          6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

4 Thursday sessions for $249.00

Limited to 12 at our Southlake Office

TED & Colors Training

Understanding Yourself & Important Relationships in A New Way

Limited to 10 at Southlake Office

Accepting Reservations by Calling The Office

Discover Tools & Strategies for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and Executive Function Challenges

Your Commitment  +  Our Expertise

Results In A Partnership

ADHD Coaching

Take control of your academic, professional or personal life and achieve your goals. ADHD Coaching is a collaborative supportive processes. In partnership with you, we’ll facilitate and help you identify these goals, and the systems and strategies to reach them.

Executive Functions

An individual may have challenges with their executive functions without having ADHD. However, someone with ADHD will have challenges with their executive functions. This is because the “executive” that controls behavior in the brain, and helps organize and plan is not doing the job it’s supposed to do.

Counseling Services

Anxiety and depression are illnesses to treat like any other health condition. You’ll find our counselors to be compassionate and skilled to help you discover your dreams can be realized.

Parent Training

Parents often feel isolated, unsure and misunderstood by family members, the school and other parents. We believe parents need to educate themselves about their child’s challenges and learn new parenting strategies.

We Have Spanish Speaking Counselors and Coaches

About Us

Avant-Garde Counseling and Coaching Center works with:

  • children
  • adolescents
  • families
  • adults
  • parents

We specialize in providing innovative, cutting-edge and research-based counseling, as well as ADHD Coaching and Parent Training for those who live with ADHD, anxiety and/or depression.

In addition, we provide practicum and internship opportunities that support mental health professionals and ADHD coaches starting their careers.

The Calm and Connected Weekend with Dulce has been powerful. I feel like I’m walking away with an arsenal of tools to help my child be successful.


Great informational training Dulce. We learned a lot and enjoyed your calm way of coahing us to be calm and become more connected with our child.


Jodi and Dulce hit a home run on this one! Their knowledge and experience in this field is shared in a very professional, positive and encouraging manner. The resources and educational assignments were exciting and useful. This course rejuvenated me and armed me with the new desire and tools to take on the whole new age group of coaching.

JST Coaching Children with ADHD Coach Attendee

Wow, what a weekend! Attending Calm and Connected was an awesome experience – well worth the time. The information and interaction from the attendees was right on point, covering all of the objectives and expectations. Dulce was very knowledgeable, experienced and committed to sharing and teaching attendees, which included parents and educators, how to create a “calm and connected” environment for children. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

Pat and Lu

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